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THE PROJECT is a website for listening to italian rap music. It is a collection of the most important songs produced in the last eight years in Italy. You can watch music videos and discover new ones, all divided per years.

Italian rap in the last years has become more and more important in the european scene. The top charts on the main platforms for streaming music always have many rap songs. I decided to create a place where you can discover new music and listening to the most famous ones. All the project was made just for a personal interest.


The collection counts over 200 rap videos since 2011.
Once you load the page, songs start randomly and they are never repeated until you see them all. You can also choose the year you prefer to listen to or skip songs if you don't like them.
The videos are retrived from Youtube, using the unique video id.
I created also an instagram account for advertise the website, and now counts over 700 followers in less than 2 months, mainly from Italy.

And you, do you know How Italians Play? ;-)


"I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world."
- 2pac